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Expert Small Animals Care at Custer Road Animal Hospital

When it comes to small animals like cats, rabbits, dogs, and guinea pigs, Custer Road Animal Hospital in Frisco, TX, should be your go-to animal hospital. Our veterinarian near you provides expert care for all pets, including small animals. These are some of the expert care we offer for small animals at our vet hospital.

Guinea Pig

Preventive Care

At Custer Road Animal Hospital, our veterinarian believes that preventive care for all pets, including small animals helps in forming the foundation of a pet’s overall health. As such, at our animal clinic, we offer a variety of preventive services, like wellness exams, vaccinations, parasite control, and dental care. Moreover, these services aim at detecting and preventing diseases before they become severe, allowing the pet to lead long and healthy lives.

Emergency Care

If there’s anything that’s out of human control, it’s accidents. They can happen anytime, and when they do, they require urgent care. As such, our pet hospital is designed to treat a variety of emergencies ranging from catastrophic injuries to acute illnesses that might affect your pet.

What’s good is that our emergency care services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, giving you peace of mind knowing so well that your pet will receive rapid and competent medical attention.

Diagnostic Services

At Custer Road Animal Hospital, our pet doctor believes that diagnostic services are essential for determining the underlying causes of health problems in small animals. That way, our animal clinic uses advanced diagnostic technologies like X-rays, ultrasound, blood testing, and laboratory analysis to accurately identify a wide range of illnesses that can’t be diagnosed from visible symptoms.

Additionally, these sophisticated diagnostic services guarantee customized treatment programs that aim at addressing each pet’s unique needs.

Surgical Care

If and when pharmacological methods fail to effectively manage medical disorders of your pet, we offer surgical care. For instance, we offer surgical care in cases like tumor removal, soft tissue, orthopedic surgery, as well as spay and neuter procedures. Our skilled veterinarian will perform these surgeries precisely to ensure your pet gets the safest and most efficient surgical care.

Specialty Care

At Custer Road Animal Hospital, we understand that not all pets are the same. As such, our animal clinic takes into consideration pets that have specific medical demands or complicated medical issues that might otherwise call for specialty care.

Through our specialty care, your pet is guaranteed to receive specialist care, like dermatology, cardiology, neurology, and oncology. This way, your pet gets to receive expert care through customized treatment regimens.

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